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Voice recording doesn`t work

If the voice recording doesn`t work in our mini documentary recorder then please check the following:


How to create a mini doc?

CHECKLIST - material
In order to record your project please have the following items ready:

RECORD - make your Mini doc
The Mini doc-recorder will guide you through the production of your Mini doc.
The whole process will take between 30 and 120 minutes:

Don`t worry, it is not that difficult!
Use simple words as if you tell people about the "what, who, when, where and why" of your project for the first time. Don`t make it too complicated.
Check published MD`s for inspiration if you need.



Q What is a Mini doc?
A A Mini doc is a short slide show with subtitles and your voice describing a project.
Q How long is a Mini doc?
A A Mini doc is max 4 min.
Q How many images should a Mini doc contain?
A A minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 images, around 6 images is best.
Q What is the size and format of the images for the Mini doc?
A Size: preferably 1024x768 px / 72 dpi, max. file size 1MB.
Format: jpg, png (or gif, only for graphical illustrations) at maximum quality.
Q How long does it take to record a Mini doc?
A If all the material for the recording is ready it will take +/- 30 min. If it is your first time, please take 2 hours into consideration.
Q How long is the max. duration of a single image in the Mini doc?
A 20 seconds.
Q Is it possible to record in my native language?
A Yes, it is – but the subtitles have to be in English.
Q What can I do if I the microphone does not work?
A There`s an excellent guide about sound setup in the Skype FAQ.
Q What if I don`t have a microphone?
A Please use the link 'I don`t have a microphone' in the recorder to record without voice.
The urbaninform team will try to add a voice as soon as possible.
Q I have uploaded my Mini doc, but it is not displayed on Urbaninform. What happened?
A The Urbaninform team will verify your contribution before it will be published, normally within a week.
Q Is the Mini doc the right format to present my project?
A The Mini doc format describes and explains your project in a compact and accessible way.
It helps visitors to quickly grasp the unique qualities of your project.
Q Is my Mini doc part of the 'International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2009'?
A Urbaninform.net including all contributions will be exhibited during the biennale.