What is urbaninform?

urbaninform is a web tool that collects architecture and urban design projects for the cities of the future. We believe in participation, social entrepreneurship, green business and good urban government initiatives.
urbaninform supports local actors by transfers of knowledge and connects them to a network of experts and entrepreneurs. We support the negotiation of formal and informal actors. And we support the development of new forms of global and local collaboration.

Why do we need urbaninform?

Unprecedented urbanization has resulted in vast self-built and self-organized cities. With current trends continuing, 2 billion people or one-half of the global urban population will be living in precarious slum-like conditions in only about 20 years from now.
As the provision of proper housing, infrastructure, and public services has become the major challenge for municipalities, informal settlements are considered legitimate bottom-up responses. Planners and officials today aim at avoiding eviction and integrating those settlements into the city.
This integration corresponds with a different attitude towards bottom-up urban economy. Green and social entrepreneurship strengthen the equitable urban development. Civic society and private industry are playing an increasingly important role in urban governance. It is the urban population that is constructing the city, doing business, cooperating, socializing and organizing it.
urbaninform wants to associate this immense know-how developed bottom-up with professionals and experts on a global level. urbaninform connects new urban economies with urban design strategies, formal with informal actors, bottom-up with top-down organizations, and micro with macro scales in order to support an equitable and sustainable urban development.

Who is urbaninform?

urbaninform was initiated by Rainer Hehl and Jörg Stollmann. urbaninform is supported by a non-profit association, which takes care of its maintenance and development. Today, urbaninform is a growing community of collaborators, supporters, and members.

How do I become a member?

Register via the 'join' or 'make your mini doc' links.
As a member you can make your own mini documentary via the mini documentary recorder, or participate in our urbaninform platforms.

What are urbaninform platforms?

urbaninform announces platforms on specific development projects and topics. Selected projects will be discussed by urbaninform members and invited guests.


If you have questions regarding your project submission, please contact Christiane Lange: lange@urbaninform.net
If you want to know more about the organization of urbaninform platforms, please contact Rainer Hehl: hehl@urbaninform.net
If you want to know more about becoming a sponsor or donor, please contact Jörg Stollmann: stollmann@urbaninform.net
For any general comment or information, please refer to: info@urbaninform.net


For reasons of manageability, urbaninform`s main language is English. Please feel free to speak your mini documentary`s story line in your native language. However, for all written submissions we kindly ask you to use English. We apologize for the inconvenience!


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