Minidoc - Cite des femmes du REFDAF

Social Political City Project in Dakar Created by Women

Author Madjiguene Cisse

Senegal, Dakar

Authors Madjiguène Cissé, REFDAF

Social Political City Project in Dakar Created by Women

Strengths: The goal of cité des femmes is to build an alternative city where people really like to live, to make the project be an experimental project in terms of a planned and participative project,to build an "ecological" city with renewelable ernergy, to offer women collective equipments and spaces for income generating activities like vegetable gardens.

Difficulties: The women are very poor and have to buy the ground themselves, they have to find money for building. Thus, the project takes time.

Extra information: On december, 2006, REFDAF women obtained about 100 of the 337 plots trough the REFDAF housing Project. The other women continue to save money in order to get a plot. The National Housing Society is ending the viabilization of the site. In 2009,REFDAF will begin to built the common space and if possible other houses.



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