Minidoc - Adobe Housing

Multi-level strategy to achieve an adobe way of living

Author Andreas Rauch

Mexico, Oaxaca, Callejón de Rómulo

Authors Miroslava Choborová, Georg Hubmann, Andreas Rauch

Multi-level strategy to achieve an adobe way of living

Strengths: Our project is a budget-friendly approach that includes natural resources. It contains a unique construction technique, which is both ecological and sustainable. Furthermore, it emphasizes a more social form of community and points out the potential of farmers and a poor infrastructure.

Difficulties: Our proposal is a long-time project. The biggest question will be the acceptance of the inhabitants. Therefore a reliable and strategic partner in form of a non-governmental-organization is required. To assure success, a monitoring-system is needed, which conducts and adjusts the strategy.



urbaninform at the North-South Forum Zürich April 22, 2012

Joint Venture: URBANINFORM and Onepointfive April 05, 2012
Playlist: 2012 onepointfive lead project
Platform: (6) onepointfive partnership

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