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Tool for Participatory Budgeting and Neighborhood Advocacy

Author Michael Haggerty

Indonesia, Central Java, Solo

Authors John Taylor, Ahmad Rifai, Michael Haggerty, Ardian Pratomo

Tool for Participatory Budgeting and Neighborhood Advocacy

Strengths: The mini atlas provides information about neighborhoods so residents can make decisions about how they want local government to invest in services and the built environment. Solo already has participatory budgeting, but in the past this data has not be available to the public. At the same time, government lacks capacity to collect and aggregate data and apply it to urban planning. This project is working with local government to increase their use of data when it invests in neighborhoods.

Difficulties: Making a connection between what residents want and the local government planning and budgeting cycle is critical. The planning and design activities of this project are complemented by extensive civic engagement – with residents so community perceptions of neighborhood issues are included in the mini atlas and with the mayor and government staff so they integrate the mini atlas into their facilitation of the participatory budgeting process.

Extra information: Solo Kota Kita began as a pilot project in March 2009. The mini atlases and website were completed in October 2010 and a series of trainings are being conducted in Solo in November and December. The next participatory budgeting cycle is in January 2011.



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