a do-it-yourself guide to environmental remediation

Author kaja kuehl

US, New York, New York

Authors youarethecity

a do-it-yourself guide to environmental remediation

Strengths: The FIELD GUIDE TO PHYTOREMEDIATION breaks down complex scientific research into simple instructions, how to remediate brownfields for individuals and groups with a small budget, but lots of energy. It is an empowerment tool for owners or users of small urban properties and enables them to contribute to a healthier urban environment.

Difficulties: Phytoremediation does not work everywhere. Plants can only clean the soil as far down as their roots reach. After some testing, property owners may have to choose a traditional clean-up method based on the level and pervasiveness of contamination.

Extra information: We are in the process of finding funding to print the guide in large numbers to distribute it for free at farmers markets and in community gardens. In addition, we will do some of our own testing, planting, monitoring and harvesting next year. it can be downloaded at



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