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Recycling a cement plant with olive trees (biomass from pruning waste)

Author Citythinking

Spain, Andalucía, Torredonjimeno (Jaén), Av. de los Cementos Alba

Authors Citythinking and Eddea

Recycling a cement plant with olive trees (biomass from pruning waste)

Strengths: Creation of around 70 direct jobs and 30 indirect jobs in a depressed area. A change from consuming to producing energy. The industry had a strong symbolic meaning for the people. Now some of the buildings are preserved, saving about 5 million € for the demolition. Creation of a whole treatment system for waste olive pruning. Greater acceptance and participation. Reused existing resources (water, electrical connection).

Difficulties: We had to take into account the influence of transport on the price of raw materials at the entrance to the factory. To do this we need to develop an integrated management of the entire process from pruning in the field. The celebrations surrounding the burning of pruning forced to lose a minimum fraction of the raw material, in order to preserve tradition.

Extra information: Initially, the IDEA Public Agency contacted EDDEA for the management of the former parcel of Holcim (a cement factory in Torredonjimeno, Jaén). The industry would be demolished to free their land, with a cost of approximately 5 million €. However, Citythinking (EDDEA) decided to hear the neighbors. The factory for them had a strong sentimental and symbolic charge, beyond its economic clout. Citythinking was decided to seek a new solution. To do this, this project started.



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