Minidoc - Adaptable Structures in an informal settlement

Urban and architectural strategy for slum upgrating

Author Caroline Framont

India, Maharashtra, Pune, Laxmi Nagar

Authors Caroline Framont

Urban and architectural strategy for slum upgrating

Strengths: The project is based on two stakes: not to displace the populations during the rehabilitation process and considering the inhabitants as active protagonists in the construction of their own house.

Difficulties: The main difficulties is to make the local authorities as well as the NGO, who generally advocate mass projects, constructed entirely by the construction enterprises, accept this kind of participative project. The formal settlement of these mass projects does not accept nor encourage the populations who live in the slum are capable of partially constructing their housing.

Extra information: The transit building, where the families are relodged during the construction work of their house, also presents the opportunity for the community to experiment the process of durable development: the collective kitchens of the building are supplied with biogas, produced in the power station linked up with the public toilets. The sun roofs are collective and welcome gardens, where the organic rubbish are recycled into compost.



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