Minidoc - Qinmo Village Project

Sustainable Development of a Rural Chinese Village

Author Joshua Bolchover

China, Guangdong Province, Huaji

Authors Joshua Bolchover, John Lin and CPW, The University of Hong Kong

Sustainable Development of a Rural Chinese Village

Strengths: The Qinmo Village Project aims to develop long-term sustainability of a rural Chinese village. The project seeks to re-build the notion of the village as a community through education as a tool for development. The strategy incorporates 7 projects. Each project includes a programmatic initiative that emphasizes the education of villagers, whether it is through a roof garden or a eco-household farm. By improving on what+how to farm, the economic viability of the villagers can be strengthened

Extra information: The designs of the various projects are themselves adapted from and ‘learn’ from the existing typologies and construction methods of rural China. Simple variations in the use of concrete screen or brick work, the adaptation to existing landscape conditions and the re-programming of outdated buildings all inform on the generic conditions of design in rural China. To this day the project continues to involve students, professionals and organizations from China and Hong Kong.



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