Minidoc - Women's Opportunity Center

Empowering women through grass-root educational and job-skill training

Author Molly Cronin

Rwanda, Kayonza

Authors Sharon Davis Design Studio

Empowering women through grass-root educational and job-skill training

Strengths: The proposed Center fulfills the mission of empowerment by offering women a permanent, safe haven for learning as well a forum for public gathering. Through the brickmaking training initiative, the women in the program will also be involved directly in the project construction.

Difficulties: In the overall architectural design, the challenge was to create a new and inspiring design language while only utilizing locally available materials. In addition the project had to incorporate technologies that would be transferrable and replicable within the larger community, such as biogas fuel for cooking, composting toilets, and manually produced bricks.

Extra information: The scope of our project, and its mission to help rebuild Kayonza’s community, involved extensive financial, planning, and structural support together from the Rwandan government, private individuals, and a network of consultants willing to donate their time and expertise to the project.



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