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Youth Building a Latin America without Poverty

Author Andrea Torres Hermoza

Chile, Santiago, #440 Departamental

Authors Un Techo para mi Pais

Youth Building a Latin America without Poverty

Strengths: Our strengths lay on the number of volunteers mobilized for constructions and direct work in the communities and the integral role played by the beneficiaries in the design and execution of projects developed in their communities. The number of volunteers that support the constructions enables UTPMP to reduce implementation costs, increasing the impact that every dollar has on the families we work with.

Difficulties: As a volunteer based organization, UTPMP depends on the commitment of young men and women to build transitional houses, which in countries without a strong volunteer culture can be a challenge. During constructions, unexpected delays in the delivery of wood to assemble the houses and change in weather conditions affect the pace at which transitional houses are built and provided to the beneficiaries.

Extra information: Youth at Un Techo Para Mi Pais devote themselves to improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable families in the region and forming future leaders with a higher social conscience to eradicate poverty in Latin America. Young men and women are not only part of the solution to overcome poverty, but have become leaders of the regional efforts, breaking down social barriers, prejudices, and differences that have historically generated social cleavages and class divisions.



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