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Project aim: designing and building together

Author Christoph Roedig

Germany, Berlin, Berlin, Anklamer Str. 52

Authors Christoph Roedig, Ulrich Schop

Project aim: designing and building together

Strengths: Building coops are one way of building housing cost-effectively, especially because they cut out agents' fees. It’s slowly starting to have an impact on local housing markets. Involving individual clients in the project development and planning process makes them good neighbours through building together. Our buildings are flexible to individual needs and changing life concepts. This makes this project a model for the new trend of creating building cooperative projects in Germany.

Difficulties: Before a building site is ready to be bought by a group of people, the coop has to be initiated, the risks and possibilities of building there have to be evaluated, architects have to be engaged to develop first planning schemes and the members have to spend money on something “they can not see” or hardly imagine. This process may take about 6-12 month and it is possible, that the site after that period is no longer available.

Extra information: Self-build associations are still a relatively new phenomenon, although one which is definitely expected to become increasingly important in future, given that prices in the housing market are rising steadily. Berlin's municipal development authorities are now supportive, as they have found that coops encourage a structure of responsible home owners who have a great interest in their housing environment and commit themselves to it actively. More info and publications:



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