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Public Construction Project, Catalyst for Rebuilding

Author Patrick Rhodes

USA, New Orleans, Tupelo Street

Authors Patrick Rhodes - Project Locus

Public Construction Project, Catalyst for Rebuilding

Strengths: Following Hurricane Katrina, The House of Dance and Feathers was the only public construction project ongoing during the summer months in the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans. It not only demonstrated the effectiveness of localized, institutional design-build programs to assist in community building, but also the success of self-motivated, resolute organizations and individuals to respond to crisis in a grassroots manner when governmental structures founder.

Extra information: We viewed the project as an immediate response in one of the most devastated areas, and as a catalyst for rebuilding. Our intention was to promote design as a tool for affecting positive community change, to generate public awareness and encourage community involvement. Although volunteers were comprised primarily of college students from Kansas State University, no one received compensation or college credit. Students lived and worked at their own expense.



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