Non Cost Energy Home Solution

Author carlos hugo levinton

Argentina, Boenos Aires

Authors Carlos Hugo Leviton

Non Cost Energy Home Solution

Strengths: the water warmer: WW-brings a non cost solution for most of poor houses that have no energy or money to warm water. Most of children suffer health maladies as a consequence becouse they can not have a bath. The WW is selfmade or manufacture in cooperative industries generating young employments. In this moment UN TECHO PARA MI PAIS a youth latin american movement IS BEEING TRAINED IN THIS ECOTECH at the CEP university Buenos Aires.

Difficulties: The dificulties are the planning of the communitie practice in clasification and separation of waste creating a sustainble culture.Any way when commuitie sees that waste is turned to non cost ecosolutions they start the innovative practice

Extra information: This ECOTECH is setted into commuities through a very specific strategy: we set ECOLABORATORIES for students inside schools. Inside the ECOLABS we install all the innovations, like the WW and others. Students manufacture in the ECOLabs THE SOLUTIONS AND PARENTS LEARN FROM STUDENTS AND TRASNLATE innovations to improve in their house. The relevant component is the trasnformation of huge amount of waste into ecosolutions for habitat adaptation to climate change. Simoultaneously the waste is reduced



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