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Small vegetable oil refinery (co-op)

Author atelierjones

United States, Washington, Seattle, 911 western avenue

Authors atelierjones

Small vegetable oil refinery (co-op)

Strengths: The process housed within the shed takes a commonly discarded waste product and finds a refined use for it. The VO SHED makes an elegant and functional case for using local initiative to harness waste materials and upcycle them into new energy sources. The highly visible location and the mobility of the VO SHED make it a beacon for the transformation of waste into energy.

Difficulties: Translucent plastic building materials, such as the one used in this project, are not mainstream and widely produced. The closest manufacturer to Seattle is located in Wisconson. This is currently changing as local plastic manufacturers are beginning to create such products.

Extra information: The mobile shed is to be located at a popular nightspot, The Garage on Capital Hill in Seattle. VO SHED has an agreement with the owners of The Garage, to donate the use of the 160SF of land required to locate the VO SHED. The Garage will be a major supplier of the used vegetable oil, as well as the supplier for the labor to pick up the oil and to transfer the oil through the filtration process. Other restaurant sources will be linked to the Co-op through individual Co-op members.



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