Minidoc - UMCP Paraisopolis

Green Public Space and Educational Community Gardens

Author Franklin Lee

Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo, Paraisópolis

Authors Gilson Rodrigues (President UMCP) + architects: Franklin Lee + Anne Save de Beaurecueil +Beatriz Fábregues+ Miguel Gustavo Fábregues

Green Public Space and Educational Community Gardens

Strengths: The proposed UMCP project redefines a new type of self-made urbanism, a third party agency that negotiates between governmental regulation bodies, private sector funding, and the informal inhabitants.

Difficulties: Paraisópolis was the site of a speculative residential neighborhood, whose developers completely ignored the steep topography and streams of the watershed when imposing an orthogonal street grid on the terrain, which resulted in very steep roads, drainage problems, and a lack of connections to the surrounding city, problems that still exist today within parts of the favela

Extra information: This project can provide an important civic, ecological, and cultural identity for the Paraisopolis community through a set of open green public spaces and educational and nutrition facilities that are so desperately needed in the favela.



urbaninform at the North-South Forum Zürich April 22, 2012

Joint Venture: URBANINFORM and Onepointfive April 05, 2012
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Platform: (6) onepointfive partnership

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