Minidoc - Q Drum

A rolling water container/transporter for developing countries

Author Pieter J Hendrikse

South Africa, Johannesburg

Authors PJ & JPS Hendrikse

A rolling water container/transporter for developing countries

Strengths: Millions of people all over the world, especially in rural Africa, live many kilometers from a reliable source of clean water. The task of fetching it is invariably placed on the women and children who spend hours every day carrying heavy containers of water mostly on their heads causing many neck and spine injuries. The idea of the Q Drum originated in response to the needs of these people for clean and potable water while easing the burden of conveying it.

Difficulties: As a result of its robustness and durability, the cost per unit, although every effort has been made to keep it as low as possible, makes it unaffordable to most people - those who need it can't afford it and those who can afford it, don't need it. Funded or sponsored by international donors, non-governmental organisations and private corporations, the Q Drum can contribute to addressing the problems of rural poverty and the needs of displaced people in rural communities all over the world.

Extra information: In shifting the burden of water collection away from the women to the children, can leave the women free to do other important work and in not carrying these heavy loads on their heads any more, many neck injuries can be avoided which is a big concern to health organisations. More water per journey can be transported with less effort, reducing the need and usefulness of extra hands -smaller families can improve the quality of life of communities and put less of a strain on the environment.



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