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Information diffusion centre for a new housing policy

Author Thais Meireles

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Rua Barão de São Félix

Authors Associação Chiq da Silva= Thais Meireles, Daniel Wagner, Carol Rezende, Gilberto Rocha, Maurício Duarte e Luciana Andrade

Information diffusion centre for a new housing policy

Strengths: This project consists on not only turning these buildings into real and legal housing, but creating a net of improvement-diffusion centers for individuals and city. This can both help diminish the huge habitation deficit and fight the city centre’s decay by bringing housing back to it and integrating low income dwelling with rich company offices.

Difficulties: The biggest drawback in this project is not letting this become an isolated action. There’s need of creating a public policy for low-income integrated housing that can be replicated and adapted in other cities. Housing deficit is huge and city centres are degraded all over the country. Since it deals with property and poverty, there’s much fear that squats can become new types of slums.

Extra information: The project was contemplated with federal funding not only to be built but for the development of projects for other squats. The current government is putting much effort into fighting habitation deficit.



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