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Solve the squatter crisis through community participation

Author Otto Roman Barnert

Republic of South Africa, Gauteng, Shoshenguve, Shoshenguve

Authors Architect Barnert

Solve the squatter crisis through community participation

Strengths: The duel use of space that photovoltaic cells occupy to generate 1 mega watt of power is also used to accommodate former squatters on vertically stacked platforms. Minimum services include commune shower / wc per level and a centralized kitchen facility using self created methane gas from dry toilets. Dwellings are completed in accordance to the dwellers means and a technical material / parts cateloge.

Difficulties: Receiving one hectar of unoccupied land near a squatter settlement, buy-in of the municipal leaders, power cooperation accepting to buy over a long period electricity at a set price to fund the project.

Extra information: The potential dweller receives 24 m2 space together with 70m2 of land to grow crops near by. If he / she wants more space, max. an additional 24m2 may be bought as of the 12 flats per floor only every second one is given to a former squatter, the other a tenant with only a temporary lease contract.



urbaninform at the North-South Forum Zürich April 22, 2012

Joint Venture: URBANINFORM and Onepointfive April 05, 2012
Playlist: 2012 onepointfive lead project
Platform: (6) onepointfive partnership

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