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Information System for Social Housing in the City of São Paulo. Support decision-making

Author Elisabete Franca

Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo, Rua São Bento, 405 – , 11º. Andar, sala 114 – Centro

Authors Superintendency of Social Housing – Municipality of São Paulo

Information System for Social Housing in the City of São Paulo. Support decision-making

Strengths: The system has information on the main housing precariousness and it operates a set of rules to automatically define the attendance priorities for each program. Control of information from the areas object of intervention. All this mechanism is enriched with geographical analyses that broaden the possibilities of interpretation and decision making. The availability of data on the Internet is, at the same time, a way for disseminating knowledge and transferring accumulated experience.

Difficulties: There were many challenges, from an expected resistance to the use of new technology to the resistance of certain groups afraid of losing control over the information. Processes and deep transformations have taken place and they still happen, having a wider access to information as the main point.

Extra information: Modern information technologies have improved data processing and have made available advanced decision support systems, including corresponding geographical references. The greatest challenge, however, is to keep the database updated with vital information for the decision making process. This was the reason for creating the São Paulo social housing information system.



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