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To provide a mobile shelter for those in need

Author Eric Lindeman

United States of America, California, Los Angeles

To provide a mobile shelter for those in need

Strengths: Edar incorporates a program that provides immediate shelter to the homeless while partnering with existing homeless organizations to provide cost effective solutions to short-term housing. The EDAR unit is a four-wheeled mobile cart that carries belongings and facilitates recycling and unfolds into a tent-like sleeping enclosure with a bed. EDAR’s can be mass-produced and are designed to be flat packed and shipped across the globe providing instant shelter for individuals around the world.

Difficulties: We are the first to acknowledge that, although EDAR is a cost effective solution to short term housing, it is not a permanent housing solution and does not solve the world wide homeless crises. Having only served in the urban Southern California environment, we have yet to introduce additional insulation needed in cooler climates, more versatile wheels capable maneuvering through off road conditions or improved waterproofing material capable of handling severe rain.

Extra information: Each year, more than 3 million people experience homelessness in the United States alone, including 1.3 million children. EDAR, a nonprofit charity organization, promotes social and ecological sustainability by providing the homeless, disaster stricken and refugee communities’ short-term shelter and self-reliance. We have distributed 170 units in Los Angeles so far and hope to expand to other cities across the country and globe. Please visit these news sources for additional information.



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