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Waste recycling for sustainable and affordable building for the urban poor

Author Yatin Pandya

India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Nava Vadaj Rd

Authors Yatin Pandya, (FOOTPRINTS E.A.R.T.H.)

Waste recycling for sustainable and affordable building for the urban poor

Strengths: The crèche in Ahmadabad’s slum is created to look after children who remain unattended when mothers go to work. The crèche has demonstrated the uses of waste from various construction sites and transform them creatively into building components. The process is labour intensive and employs people. For example earthen bowls in roofing, glass bottles skylighting, bicycle and stone cutter blade door, waste tiles flooring, electronic waste ceiling etc. are examples of the creative recycling.

Difficulties: Due to festivities at the time of the roof construction certain raw and waste material could not be availed in desired quantities immediately; hence they were employed as demonstration rather than exclusive in some areas.

Extra information: The crèche is the continuing search and interpretation of converting waste into resource. It demonstrates that there is a creative professional role for architects in improving quality of life of the urban poor. Economics is not a constraint but a creative challenge.



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