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Empowering the poor by recycling the waste for affordable buildings

Author Yatin Pandya

India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Nava vadaj rd

Authors Yatin Pandya, (Vastu shilpa Foundation)

Empowering the poor by recycling the waste for affordable buildings

Strengths: 2700 metric ton waste is produced daily in Ahmedabad city alone. This project has ably demonstrated recycling waste into building components. Recycling waste as Flyash, plastic, glass, wood, tin implies reducing pollution, employment for the poor women and cheaper and better housing for poor. The centre runs as school for children, vocational training centre for women and community centre for elderly, thus socially inclusive.

Difficulties: The project at the moment is done as the demonstration project with donations from the Non Government organisation which needs to replicate through people's own resources in their homes and other NGO's need to take initiatives in organising the effort to replicate these in many places and transform this experience into decentralised production units. There needs to be legal framework put in place to implement such initiatives in mass scale.

Extra information: The activity centre has ably demonstrated the use of waste as building components. The spinoff of these is beginning to be seen in people's own houses. For example oil tin container's doors and windows are beginning to be produced and used by poor people of the neighbourhood. The project has won One international and six national awards for socially responsive, aesthetically appealing, environmentally friendly, creative and yet affordable building.



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