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Improvement of living conditions for inhabitants of informal settlement

Author Gordon Hoffmann

India, Mumbai

Authors Gordon Hoffmann

Improvement of living conditions for inhabitants of informal settlement

Strengths: The goal of this concept is the improvement of living conditions for the inhabitants of informal settlements with the help of social, technologic,and aesthetic ideas. I.Physical needs: clean air, clean water, Sleep–silence, relaxation II.Need for security: Flat–protection, hygiene,water supply, Organisation–functioning network of streets III.Need of existence and social relationships: Employment–taking care of the families needs,Sales quantity of the produced goods–trade,Communication

Difficulties: The costs are not calculated! The project I have developed is a model test and can be used on other informal settlements in similar situations. The concept development relies on the assumption that relief organisations and NGO’s can afford these measurements. It is also assumed that the political volition, the local foundation and ownership situation and legal basis is given in order to pursue this project.

Extra information: Thesis: An existing informal settlement can only be effectively and successfully integrated or attached to an existing urban system by holistically considering the basic needs. The settlement needs to be provided with a transport system and water must be guaranteed, the public community must be supported, and sanitary circumstances need to be produced and taken care of. The urbanisation of an informal settlement requires the introduction of selective and general attributes of a normal city.



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