Minidoc - more or less house

concepts that enable the users interaction and participation

Author ruben alonso mallen

spain, Alcala de Guadaira, reyes catolicos

Authors l a p a n a d e r i a

concepts that enable the users interaction and participation

Strengths: - Economic and constructive sustainability: only what is demanded is built and paid for. - Adaptability: The houses adapt to the real needs of their inhabitants . - Individuality: The inhabitant is part of the construction process of his/her environment and therefore is more identified with it.

Difficulties: - Although they have adapted the house to their needs, some users aren´t fully aware of the concept. - For the success of + or - House it´s necessary to rationalize the building process so that the structure and the sytems become cheaper and more adaptable. - Projects like this one should be carried out in the public sector rather than the private sector so that the less privileged social groups get a real chance of access to a house.

Extra information: This project has been selected for several architectural forums: Finalist in the 10th Biennial of Spanish Architecture 2009. Awaiting judge´s decision. Nominated for the European Union´s Contemporary Architecture Award. Mies Van der Rohe 2009 Awards. Awaiting judge´s decision. Finalist in the FAD 2008 Awards of Spanish and Portuguese Architecture.



urbaninform at the North-South Forum Zürich April 22, 2012

Joint Venture: URBANINFORM and Onepointfive April 05, 2012
Playlist: 2012 onepointfive lead project
Platform: (6) onepointfive partnership

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