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Pressure on City Mayor to open public space (2 years late)

Author Colectivo Ella

Spain, Andalucia, Sevilla, Alameda de Hercules

Authors Colectivo Ella

Pressure on City Mayor to open public space (2 years late)

Strengths: The “number-change” action was really important for the diffusion of the act providing an unusual story and some photos that with their powerful image where published in many newspapers. We achieved keeping the attention on this place, raising the pressure on de mayor, forcing the inauguration of the square after almost two years of delay and 5 announced inaugurations date by de City Council. All that through the organization of an all day event that involved the entire neighborhood.

Difficulties: Finding, storing, cutting and painting the 125 cardboards of 22 x 115 cm was a long and very boring job.

Extra information: See also: // or alameda1574 in youtube // March 2009 > the facilities released the day of the opening are still closed and remain idle, waiting for a spectacular opening just before the next election. // To avoid the loose of attention on the argument the neighborhood are preparing actions, the first on mid of April 2009.



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