Minidoc - School in Capalanca

An engine for social and cultural development

Author Paulo Moreira

Angola, Luanda

Sponsor information: For the realization of this project 10'000 US$ are still missing

An engine for social and cultural development

Strengths: I hope that the school can act as an engine for social and cultural development. I also hope that the intense work with the community and literally the builders of the school will help me to understand the social relationships between people, but also to learn from their skills and design practices. I am convinced that such collaboration in which both sides profit from a ‘practiced’ cultural exchange are the main strengths of my proposed project.

Difficulties: The project can bring a feeling of helplessness regarding the complexity of what humanitarian or western aid means in contemporary Angola. For a ‘mere’ design proposal could possibly conceal a possible complicity of the architect in moderating a social injustice for which governments or political regimes avoid taking responsibility. The humanitarian aid, that initially aimed at alleviating suffering instead sustains the oppressive actions that caused it, essentially turns paradoxical.

Extra information: Commission from a Portuguese NGO, APDES, who will support the construction of the school.



urbaninform at the North-South Forum Zürich April 22, 2012

Joint Venture: URBANINFORM and Onepointfive April 05, 2012
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