Minidoc - Dome as a meditation sanctuary

Skill training and a collective space for meditation

Author Dada Krpasundarananda

New Zealand, Grey Town

Authors Cal-Earth

Skill training and a collective space for meditation

Strengths: “Super Adobe” is a simple and versatile building system by Nader Khalili that empowers people to build their own home. It's fun to build, fire proof, tornado proof, highly earthquake resistant, high thermal mass to keep comfortable temperature. It can be beautiful and creatively finished for dignified short term living in emergency shelters or long term in domes like this. Energy used to build is used effectively as the earth mix is only handled once and goes straight where it's needed.

Difficulties: It's a bit labor intensive. (though a lot less than other earth building systems) It has an unconventional shape that many people need to get used to. Furniture and finishing is also harder to make though it inspires creativity! In many poorer countries earth buildings are for the poorest so people some don't want to associate with it and prefer the concrete square boxes from the wealthy West even though they give less comfort.

Extra information: More on Super Adobe: More photos and details on the construction of this dome (2 parts): (first part has other dome photo's as well) The 3000 was for 10m2 with simple but nice finishing



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